How to Care for Crispy Wave Fern? (!9 Steps)

crispy wave fern care

Are you worried about your Crispy Wave Fern care? You know it is one of the most favorite plant for any plant lover. It is a unique plant. People know it as the name of a Bird’s Nest Fern. Nowadays it is a trendy plant. Yellow-Green pleated leaves make it gorgeous. Its best quality is, … Read more

Here are 11 Fuzzy plants with purple flowers-[with pictures]

Fuzzy plants with purple flower

Purple is one of the most common flower colors. It is essential to note that the purple color of flowers and other purple plant organs (like purple leaves and stems) is due to the pigment called anthocyanin. Fuzzy plants bearing violet flowers have the highest demand among indoor growers. When most indoor plants go dormant, … Read more

Philodendron Brasil Propagation- {2 methods with Steps}

Philodendron Brasil propagation

Do you want to multiply your philodendron brasil for making your garden beautiful? We are here for you with some simple and easy methods by yourself to propagate your lovely philo brasil. To propagate philodendron brasil you can do either water propagation, soil propagation or division. Among them, water propagation is the easiest and most … Read more

Let’s identify Philodendron swiss cheese vs monstera adansonii

Philodendron swiss cheese vs adansoni

Do you need clarification on philodendron swiss cheese vs monstera adansonii? Do you ever think of knowing the differences between these two houseplants? The noticeable differences between Philodendron swiss cheese and monstera adansoni are,  swiss cheese is comparatively larger and doesn’t produce any flowers, unlike monstera adansonii. Again, the flower of adansonii covers the fruit. … Read more

Hoya Krimson Princess Care – Save your dying plant

hoya krimson princess care

You may recently own a new Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess or have an existing one. Hoya Krimson Princess care is a pretty easy job. They are always an attractive plant for indoor gardens. Their main attraction is their beautiful flower and their variegated leaves.  Hoya Krimson Princess care includes indirect bright light with average watering … Read more