These 25 amazing POTHOS varieties will blow your mind (Grab yours)

Pothos Varieties

Do you want to decorate your room with colorful pothos varieties? Then, you are absolutely at the right place because today  I am gonna give you some information about this plant species. Pothos is a very charming species that may provide you with various kinds of foliages. Rarely does its flower blooming surprise you. Else … Read more

20 most attractive Lipstick plant varieties with pictures & details

Lipstick plant varieties

Are you interested in lipstick plant varieties? Last week my friend was showing me a plant that has bushy green foliage and asked me why this plant is named after the lipstick plant? I was perplexed at that time as I didn’t know about it before. But after huge research, I got the fact of lipstick … Read more

How to Care for Crispy Wave Fern? (!9 Steps)

crispy wave fern care

Are you worried about your Crispy Wave Fern care? You know it is one of the most favorite plant for any plant lover. It is a unique plant. People know it as the name of a Bird’s Nest Fern. Nowadays it is a trendy plant. Yellow-Green pleated leaves make it gorgeous. Its best quality is, … Read more

Hoya Krimson Princess Care – Save your dying plant

hoya krimson princess care

You may recently own a new Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess or have an existing one. Hoya Krimson Princess care is a pretty easy job. They are always an attractive plant for indoor gardens. Their main attraction is their beautiful flower and their variegated leaves.  Hoya Krimson Princess care includes indirect bright light with average watering … Read more

Alocasia zebrina care, propagation-All you need to know

Alocasia zebrina care

If you are an admirer of Alocasia zebrina, eager to have one but not buying it just because you don’t know how to handle it. You can get a happy zebrina just by mimicking its original habitats like filtered light, consistent moisture and warm temperature ranging from 18-25ºC. Apart from these, repotting should be done … Read more

Alocasia macrorrhiza stingray care, propagation- All you need to know

Alocasia Stingray Care

If you are searching for a unique plant for your house, the alocasia macrorrhiza stingray will be at the top position in the plant list. But the beautiful foliage has to be maintained properly by completing their requirements.  Alocasia macrorrhiza stingray plant needs bright but indirect sunlight with proper watering in the sandy loam and … Read more

Alocasia reginula black velvet care, propagation-All you need to know

Alocasia Black Velvet Care

If you are searching for a dwarf elegant variety of alocasia, then you may think about alocasia reginula or black velvet at first. The combination of shining and rigid foliage with transparent stems creates an extraordinary look in your house. But to get this benefit, you have to pay attention to this plant.  Alocasia black … Read more