Philodendron swiss cheese vs monstera adansonii [Differences & Similarities]

Philodendron swiss cheese vs adansoni

Do you need clarification on philodendron swiss cheese vs monstera adansonii? Do you ever think of knowing the differences between these two houseplants? The noticeable differences between Philodendron swiss cheese and monstera adansoni are,  swiss cheese is comparatively larger and doesn’t produce any flowers, unlike monstera adansonii. Again, the flower of adansonii covers the fruit. … Read more

Why are my philodendron birkin Leaves CURLING? Solve now!!

Philodendron birkin leaves curling

Are your philodendron birkin leaves curling? Do you ever think of whether it is normal for leaves to curl and why they are getting curled? You may find it worrying. But don’t be afraid when this happens. It can be treated easily by following a few remedies. Philodendron Birkin leaf curling can be caused by … Read more

How much light does Philodendron brasi require? {Lighting Explained}

Philodendron brasil light requirement

Is your philodendron brasil plant reverting? Or, the growth of the brasil plant is stunted? Philodendron Brasil plants need a moderate amount of light for their growth and establishment. The brightest but indirect light is necessary for their foliage development. On the other hand, they need bright light to survive perfectly though they can go … Read more

Alocasia vs Colocasia? Differences & Similarities to identify

alocasia vs colocasia

The main differences between alocasia and colocasia is, alocasia leaves are in the horizontal direction. The leaf stems or petioles are seen to be extended into the leaves. That’s why most Alocasia leaves tend to point upward. In contrast, the Colocasia petioles connect down from the notches in the leaves. That’s why leaves are seen … Read more

Alocasia vs Anthurium [Differences & similarities to Identify perfectly]

Differences between alocasia and anthurium are alocasia has unbranched leaf vein where anthurium has branched. Alocasia has arrow shaped leaves with light green or white flower and light green inflorescence, where anthurium has heart shaped or cordate leaves with dark red flower and pinkish inflorescence. As both of these plants are preferable to garden lovers, … Read more

Philodendron florida beauty vs florida ghost [Differences & similarities to identity ]

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance houseplant with a distinct appearance, you may consider the Florida Ghost  and Florida beauty . But you may get confused to identify them while buying. Main difference between florida beauty and florida ghost are their leaves and petiole. Philodendron Florida Beauty has multi-lobed dark green leaves variegations. The ghost … Read more

Alocasia black velvet leaves curling [5 effective solutions]

Are your alocasia black velvet leaves turning yellow and showing leaf curling symptoms? You are in the right place. If your black velvet’s leaves are turning yellow and curling downwards, the possible causes may be low humidity, underwatering, nutrient deficiency, low lighting condition, temperature stress, pests, and diseases. But by ensuring the best environment for … Read more