Philodendron dark lord vs majesty [ Differences & Similarities to identify]

Among the various philodendron varieties, dark lord and majesty are two renowned suggestions. But whenever you want to bring a new one into your house between them, you might have some confusion about which one is dark lord or majesty. To be honest, they are closely related. That’s why people need to search for philodendron … Read more

How to make Philodendron Xanadu bushy? [!explained]

How to make xanadu bushy

To make philodendron xanadu bushy you can add extra humidity with sprinkling water around the foliage part. Again prunning the foliages in the above portion of the plant and detopping (trimming at the apical portion of the plant) can make your xanadu bushy. Many gardeners love the bushy look of a Xanadu plant. As they … Read more

English ivy vs boston ivy (Differences & similarities)

English Ivy vs Boston Ivy

Differences between english ivy and boston ivy are, english ivy is an evergreen climbing plant. Again boston ivy is a flowering plant and can climbing larger than boston ivy. Fruits of english ivy is purple black or orange yellow, where the boston ivy fruits are dark blue. English ivy and Boston ivy both houseplants exhibit … Read more

Why are my Monstera deliciosa leaves curling? [Solve NOW!!]

Monstera deliciosa leaves curling

Are you searching for the solution to monstera deliciosa leaves curling? A monstera deliciosa plant, also known as the Swiss-cheese plant, is native to Southern Mexico. But now it is popular worldwide for its different shaped leaves. But due to some unwanted occurrence, these leaves become curly and fragile. Monstera deliciosa leaves curling causes because … Read more

Why is my Philodendron Brasil Reverting? Solved!!

Philodendron brasil reverting

Are the variegated colors of your philodendron brasil leaves disappearing?  Variegated yellow color of philodendron brasil is the main attraction of the plant. Reverting of philo brasil expresses the annihilation of the elegant golden stripes or colors on the green surface of the leaves. They turn into dark green colors and sometimes become smaller in … Read more

Why is My Philodendron Birkin Reverting? [Solutions & Causes]

Philodendron Birkin Reverting

Are you worried about your philodendron Birkin reverting?  Many people bring fascinating philodendron Birkin plants into their houses for their eye-catching variegation. But a huge number of them cannot protect the variegated color. If you are in the same condition, then, I think this article will reflect your problem and will take you closer to … Read more