How I propagate my philodendron Brasil (2 simple methods explained)

Philodendron Brasil propagation

Do you want to multiply your philodendron brasil for making your garden beautiful? We are here for you with some simple and easy methods by yourself to propagate your lovely philo brasil. To propagate philodendron brasil you can do either water propagation, soil propagation or division. Among them, water propagation is the easiest and most … Read more

How to propagate Monstera Albo? [Both soil & water medium]

Monstera Albo Propagation

To propagate monstera albo just cut a stem from a healthy and disease-free mother plant and planting that cutting in a new pot where a soil mixture is prepared using soil and sphagnum moss. Nodes should be present in the stem. That’s it. Why are you getting troubled about finding a monstera albo plant where … Read more

How to propagate Cylindrical Snake plant? [Two methods-both water & soil]

Cylindrical Snake Plant Propagation

Cylindrical snake plant propagation is one of the easiest propagation activities that you need for maintaining the quality of the plant that you already possess.   If you are thinking of propagating your snake plant, you should have some information that will make your propagation successful. But what are those? The cutting of a single leaf … Read more

Can I propagate Pothos in water? – YES [here’s HOW]

Pothos Propagation in Water

Are you searching for reliable content containing pothos propagation in water? If you are, then welcome to our gardening heaven. Pothos propagation in water is a very simple process if you can conduct it properly following some special techniques. Some special strategies along with a few precautions will easily introduce new pothos plants.   Propagation in … Read more

Step-by-step Golden Pothos propagation Guide – (with pictures)

Golden Pothos Propagation

If you are obsessed with golden pothos, definitely you are thinking about multiplying them to enrich your garden. Well, the propagation of golden pothos is very easy if you can conduct it properly. Stem cutting or separation can be easily adjusted with the golden pothos propagation procedure. A few materials will be needed and departing … Read more

Philodendron Bernardopazii- Care, Propagation, Problems & Solution

Philodendron Bernardopazii

Do you want to enrich your houseplant collection with the beautiful Philodendron Bernardopazii plant?  Philodendron Bernardopazii is an amazing species that can exhibit an aristocratic look to you. But before having the plant, you may want to check the details about this plant. That’s why the content is in front of you. Philodendron Bernardopazii plant … Read more