25 most soothing Alocasia varieties with pictures [Details explained]

Alocasia Varieties

If you ask me about some of the most stunning houseplants, I will definitely say the name Alocasia. There are almost 97 Alocasia varieties. They have gained the most stunning-looking award because of their visual appeal and also their most attractive foliage. The native to this amazing-looking plant is subtropical Asia and eastern Australia. But … Read more

18 attractive Spider plant varieties with pictures (Choose yours)

Spider plant varieties

Looking for various spider plant varieties? Or wanna see the beautiful pictures of different types of spider plants with names? Spider plant is one of the most common houseplants. This plant is also known as ribbon plant or spider ivy. As it is very easy to grow and easily adaptable, garden-lovers want to keep them … Read more

These 25 amazing POTHOS varieties will blow your mind (Grab yours)

Pothos Varieties

Do you want to decorate your room with colorful pothos varieties? Then, you are absolutely at the right place because today  I am gonna give you some information about this plant species. Pothos is a very charming species that may provide you with various kinds of foliages. Rarely does its flower blooming surprise you. Else … Read more

20 most attractive Lipstick plant varieties with pictures & details

Lipstick plant varieties

Are you interested in lipstick plant varieties? Last week my friend was showing me a plant that has bushy green foliage and asked me why this plant is named after the lipstick plant? I was perplexed at that time as I didn’t know about it before. But after huge research, I got the fact of lipstick … Read more

Here are 11 Fuzzy plants with purple flowers-[with pictures]

Fuzzy plants with purple flower

Purple is one of the most common flower colors. It is essential to note that the purple color of flowers and other purple plant organs (like purple leaves and stems) is due to the pigment called anthocyanin. Fuzzy plants bearing violet flowers have the highest demand among indoor growers. When most indoor plants go dormant, … Read more

15 special vine with heart-shaped leaves (! with pictures)

Vine with heart shaped leaves

Searching for some vine with heart-shaped leaves? Or want to know about the cordate shape? Cordate or heart-shaped leaves normally take this structure in their margins. The plants which are consisted of such leaves may be different in leaf venation or other factors, but their margins are almost the same and that’s why they are … Read more