Philodendron – Safe or Unsafe? Cat’s perspective.

It’s not safe if your cat eats the leaves.

This is a very common question about philodendron in fact. So many people in the world love cats. They have cats. Also, they are philodendron lovers. That’s why they want to know whether the philodendron is safe for their cat or not.

Is Philodendron Safe for Cats?

A study done by the researchers found that the leaves of Philodendron contain calcium oxalate crystals. If your cat ingests the leaves of the philodendron it will affect the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth of the cat to the stomach as well as intestines. But sometimes they just smell the leaves. It doesn’t create much mess.

Philodendron safe for your cat
Philodendron safe for your cat?

Some of the following symptoms your cat may show-

  • The affected cat will drool ( saliva falling from the mouth)
  • Your cat will show signs of abdominal pain.
  • If she chews the leaves and then rubs to her eyes, they will hurt too.

Though I am not an expert, some suggestions I can give you.

  • You can flush the crystals with tuna water ( not tuna oil ) from the mouth.
  • You can feed her milk or yogurt.
  • Also to prevent them from chewing the leaves you can set up a motion-activated aerosol canister, which can hiss out compressed air to scare away cats.

Buy Aerosol Canister for your cat’s safety.

Hope this will give her comfort. But I must recommend consulting a cat specialist.

Thank you for reading this. If it helps you a little bit you can thank me in the comment box. It would be a great pleasure for me.