Why are My Golden Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow? – [!Fix Now]

Golden Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Are you tensed of your golden pothos leaves turning yellow?  Many of the gardeners face such a problem. They love their plants but fail to ensure a 100% perfect environment for their development. That’s why problems like yellowing leaves arise. Golden pothos or ivy arum, scientifically called Epipremnum aureum is a plant of the aristocratic … Read more

Step-by-step Golden Pothos propagation Guide – (with pictures)

Golden Pothos Propagation

If you are obsessed with golden pothos, definitely you are thinking about multiplying them to enrich your garden. Well, the propagation of golden pothos is very easy if you can conduct it properly. Stem cutting or separation can be easily adjusted with the golden pothos propagation procedure. A few materials will be needed and departing … Read more