How much light does Philodendron brasi require? {Lighting Explained}

Philodendron brasil light requirement

Is your philodendron brasil plant reverting? Or, the growth of the brasil plant is stunted? Philodendron Brasil plants need a moderate amount of light for their growth and establishment. The brightest but indirect light is necessary for their foliage development. On the other hand, they need bright light to survive perfectly though they can go … Read more

Why is my Philodendron Brasil Reverting? Solved!!

Philodendron brasil reverting

Are the variegated colors of your philodendron brasil leaves disappearing?  Variegated yellow color of philodendron brasil is the main attraction of the plant. Reverting of philo brasil expresses the annihilation of the elegant golden stripes or colors on the green surface of the leaves. They turn into dark green colors and sometimes become smaller in … Read more

Philodendron Brasil Leaves Turning Yellow- [!SOLUTIONS & CAUSES]]

Philodendron Brasil Leaves Turning Yellow

What if you face a stressful situation of your Philodendron Brasil leaves turning yellow? The gentle green lovely color of leaves is always enamoring to everyone. But overwatering, underwatering, nutrient deficiency or fungal attack can make these plants yellow. Philodendron Brasil plants are gorgeous members of the Araceae family. They are used as houseplants in … Read more