10 most POPULAR ZZ Plant varieties with pictures [Question Answerd]

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Do you want to fulfill your enriched garden with a ZZ plant? A ZZ plant is an expression of beauty, prosperity and strength. 

This kind of plant is desirable to everyone. But many of us get confused about the ZZ plant varieties. Many nurseries also cannot provide the perfect variety that you need.

A perfect ZZ plant can maintain harmony and color contrast with other plants in your garden. Here we will discuss some species that are famous worldwide.

How many ZZ plant types are there?

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia varieties are not as available as the other houseplants. A few species are commercially cultivated.

Around 10-12 species are widely found. Some wild species may remain. But they are not cultivated. 

ZZ plant varieties with names and pictures 

To bring your cherished ZZ variety, you need to distinguish the characteristics of the varieties.

You may characterize them by their height, leaf color etc. qualities. For your convenience, the below varieties are mentioned in detail-

1. ZZ Akebono

Akebono is a rare variety of ZZ plants. The word “Akebono” means the color that possesses the sky at dawn. It is a Japanese word that is named so because of its leaf color. Akebono is a herbaceous perennial plant species. Plant height is almost 3-4 feet. It is a  fast-growing plant.

It can grow even in a hard type. The plant originated from East Africa. 

The stems are normally placed near the ground that is not so enlarged. 

But the leaves are fleshy and they can store water that is supplied to the plant when the water source is not enough.

Different colors are seen in the emerging leaves of Akebono of which white, cream, pale yellow etc. are popular. 

The color turns green from the different colors. Sometimes the glance of the previous colors is also seen which are not transformed into green. The leaves are mottled and sometimes creased. They have a smooth leaf surface. 

2. ZZ Raven

ZZ Raven
ZZ Raven

In the variety list of ZZ plants, “Raven” will be at the top according to many garden lovers.

The most important aspect of this variety is its resemblance to the crow. That’s why it is called blackbird. It is also called the “Jungle warrior”.

Raven is a slow-growing plant that may grow around 30 inches. They typically grow over several years. They don’t need much care. They can resist any hazardous conditions created for them.

They don’t have any woody portions in their stem branches. The stems are fleshy and succulent. They can grow up to 1cm per day.

The leaves are black-colored. The stems are dark green in their teenage state. But gradually they get the black color at maturity. 

Around two months are needed for leaves to turn black from the dark green color. The leaf surface is smooth. The leaf shape is oblong and each leaf consists of 6-8 leaflets.

OKAY!! Funny thing. Do you know the spiritual meaning of ZZ Plant?

3. ZZ Variegated

ZZ Variegated
ZZ Variegated

Zamioculcas zamiifolia Variegata is an aristocratic variety of ZZ world. Their outlook always has everyone have a look at it.

The herbaceous ZZ Variegated has a general height of 2-3 feet. It takes several years to mature. It can grow anywhere but to save its beautiful color, you need to provide sufficient sunlight.

The stem is identical to the regular ZZ plant. But they need proper availability of water to save color. The main attraction of a ZZ variegata plant is their leaf color. The bright yellow or golden and white spots bring them a supreme look.

4. Dwarf ZZ

Dwarf zz
Dwarf zz Plant

The dwarf ZZ plant is one of the newest members of ZZ plant varieties. It is a great plant to be adjusted with your working table or room corner.

It is also called Zamioculcus zamiifolia ‘zenzi‘. The dwarf plants are almost 30-45 inches. Depending upon the weather, the size may vary.

Plants need sunlight to brighten their shape and color. The stems are tuberous and they are fleshy enough to be said to be succulent. The leaves are dark green in color. The leaf surface is smooth and waxy.

The leaves are pinnate in shape. Sometimes they are curled. The leaves are shorter and thicker than other species.

5. Zamicro

zz zamicro
ZZ Zamicro

Zamicro is another miniature variety of the ZZ plant family. This is found near Kenya. It has a compact nature. It can live for many days even in a darker place.

It is a little variety that can grow easily for landscapes or bonsai. It is a rare variety of ZZ plants.

They can grow up to 2 feet. The stems are quite short to be seen. The leaves are arranged in a whorled system on those stems. The leaves are small, slender and sometimes curly. The foliage color is dark green. 

6. ZZ Lucky classic

ZZ Lucky classic
ZZ Lucky classic

The lucky classic ZZ plant has some differences from the other ZZ varieties. They are like the elder members of the ZZ family because of their characteristics.

The plant is larger than the regular ZZ plant size. It can grow around 4-5 feet. The stems are also a little different from the others. They consist of strong robust stems. The leaf color is medium-dark green. The leaves are round, which is not found in other ZZ plants. 

The leaves are narrower and larger than other varieties.

7. ZZ Supernova

Supernova zz
Supernova zz

The ZZ supernova can be mentioned as a sibling of the ZZ raven plant. Both of them originated from Africa. It can also be called ZZ raven purple-black.

This can be grown around 30 inches. As a slow-growing plant, it needs years to get its height to be perfect.

Stems are grown slowly, having a water storage sac inside it. Leaves are dark purple colored near to black. Sometimes reddish-black strips are also found. The leaf size is oblong and leaflets are well-arranged to the stems.

8. ZZ Bitkisi

Bitkisi zz
Bitkisi zz plant

You might have heard of Zamia Bitkisi. This name is derived from the Turkish region which means plant.

The bitkisi variety is not so elongated as its height is around 30 inches. It can be adaptable to any place in your room. Fleshy stems with moderate height and capacity of storing water in their robust cells. Leaves are normally green colored that turn dark green after their maturity. 

9. ZZ Lucky white

ZZ Lucky white
ZZ Lucky white

ZZ plant lucky white is a variegated type of ZZ plant species. This variety has an extraordinary outlook to create an eye-catchy environment inside the house.

The plant height of this variety is larger than the other common varieties. The height range is around 4-6 feet.

These are herbaceous succulent plants. The stem is elongated and the underground structure of this stem is called a rhizome. The Color of the lucky classic plant is gentle green with a whitish structure. The shape is rounded and less pointed.

10. ZZ Whipped cream

Whipped cream zz plant
Whipped cream zz plant

The loving beauty of a whipped cream ZZ plant is worth mentioning. This is a rare variety that is hardly sold.

But if you have one, you are lucky enough to get it. The plant is of the herbaceous type having a height of around 2.5-3 feet.

It can go through a semi-shade condition. But to ensure its bright beauty properly, you need to provide perfect sunlight. Stems are helpful for propagation and for saving plants from drought. The leaf color is white and light green. The leaf shape is identical to the regular ZZ plant.


Which ZZ plant is more popular and easier to grow?

Among all the varieties of ZZ plants, the most popular one is the regular ZZ plant. Due to the affordable price, anyone can find them even in any regular plant store. Again, many plant stores often carry them during the plant weeks.

Besides, the regular Zz plants are hugely popular houseplants with their dark-green and glossy leaves and upright stems. They are much more famous for being easier to grow, care for, and propagate and can become large impressive plants than other varieties.

What is the life cycle of ZZ plants?

The shoots of Zz plants can grow at the rate of up to 12″ every month and can be up to 5 feet tall if they are grown in the ideal conditions. Usually, they grow 6 to 8 new stems in a single growing season. They grow strongly from the early spring through the summer. But their growth becomes slower as the year progresses and finally stops in winter.

Besides, their roots are thick rhizomes that store water to even thrive in drought conditions. Even their leaves can survive up to six months if you don’t water them.

Again, though they can live up to 10 years or longer, the ZZ plants are also called the eternity plant as they often seem to live practically forever with proper care.

Which variety of ZZ plant is the renowned cultivar species of ZZ plant?

The renowned cultivar species name of the ZZ plant is ‘Dowon’ which is named after raven, a trademark name owned by Costa Farms. Leaves are glossy and dark green and eventually darken over time. This cultivar first appeared as a branch mutation in 2006 in South Korea.

The lucky white plant is also a much popular cultivar of the ZZ plant that has beautiful blotched and yellowish-green marbled leaflets found as a whole plant mutation in 2007 in the Netherlands. 

Which one is considered the prettiest ZZ plant?

Zz raven is considered the prettiest Zz plant for its uniqueness. It is also called dark beauty as the leaves get much darker when they become mature. The Zz raven is one of the most beautiful Zz plant types due to its glossy, dark purplish-green leaves. They make home decorations more attractive. 

Which one is the most expensive ZZ plant?

Gold variegated ZZ plant is one of the most expensive species of ZZ plant.

  • Because of its unique myriad of hued leaves.
  • It is a beautiful houseplant having golden-yellow to creamy-white foliage on fleshy green stems which is rare.
  • Again, the gold-variegated Zz plant has some unique features such as a mixture of leaves that can be solid green, solid yellow, or a green and yellow mix, and tall thick stems with a swollen base.

All of these unique properties make it very expensive.

Which one is the rarest ZZ plant?

Among all the Zz plants, the variegated Zz plants are quite rare with green and white leaves. They are much rarer and harder to find. Like, there is a Lucky plant that is variegated called the Lucky White. It appears most often in white and seldom yellow.

Which ZZ plant variety is smaller compared to others? 

Among all the varieties, the Zenzi ZZ plant is a miniature cultivar and has gained much attention due to having dwarf property. This species has curlier, darker leaves and more dense foliage.

Besides, it grows only 12 to 14 inches tall and is very thick and compact. This fascinating modern houseplant is perfect as a desk plant to lighten the mood. They are the smallest type of ZZ plant which makes them more attractive as office plants or for small spaces.

How tall can the ZZ plants grow?

The Zz plant can grow up to 5 feet tall as an outdoor plant. But generally, the plants grow up to two or three feet tall and wide as indoor plants.

Again, we know that the plant is a very slow grower and normally takes three to five years to grow to this size. They can grow only up to six inches per season. Initially, their growth is much slower but in the last stage, they start to proliferate.

Final thoughts

All the ZZ plant varieties are always adorable for their natural outlook. You can not but collect one if you feel its beauty.

As all the varieties have too many similar characteristics, you may not identify them at a glance.

In that sphere, you will need this article’s details to choose the perfect plant.

Hopefully, you will enjoy these facts about the adorable ZZ plant.

You can also go through the benefits of ZZ plants.

One more thing, share this to spread and appreciate me in the comment section.

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